“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” Confucious

This quote defines how I feel today. It is a small stone moving day. Nothing huge or earth shattering took place. I didn’t rescue the Obamacare website, speak to the Surgeon General on the dangers of alcohol, or organize the Emmy’s. Nope, today was a regular, run-of-the-mill day.

But, in Day Ten, I feel today was all about the small stones. For instance, waking up to a fresh pot of Ethiopian blend coffee, its smell emanating throughout the house, made me happy. Being able to make my sons a healthy, hot breakfast and actually enjoy doing so was a mere pebble in the depths of the Grand Canyon. Attending my son’s youth basketball game and not having to medicate myself due to an enormous hangover is yet another finite example of working toward the big picture.

Being sober means I have the privilege of being a mom, a wife, a human present in mind, body, and spirit to those who love, trust and count on me. And while that seems mountainous, I know this is just the beginning. The simple moments are the treasures, treasures in the not-so-distant past that  I chose to ignore.
I will not get to the major milestones easily. No one does. But if I can tuck away the wisdom I am gaining from those who have truly moved the “mountains,” then my gravel path is looking pretty good right now.

Today is the first day I’ve been in sober double digits. Some day, I hope to have triple and then quadruple digits.

But, I get away from myself. I refocus and persevere. Reminding myself that I only have to worry about today and who I am in the present makes Mount Rushmore seem all that more appealing.


2 thoughts on ““The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” Confucious

  1. Wise insight there. No milestones happen in the short term or immediately. The hours and days and weeks do add up. We get there, one stone at a time. Cliched for sure, but it’s just how it goes. I used to look at those people with 30 days like they were rock gods or something – how could they go that long without a drink?? and be smiling?? boggled the mind. I, like you, never hit double digits really. So to see a month – that didn’t compute. Never mind the guys with 30 years. I couldn’t wrap my head around *that*. It’s just now that I can get my head around long term sobriety. As the time flies for me (and it does – it stops being a one day at a time thing, believe me), I see how it works – it’s all the small things, as you say, put together that add up. The Pyramids went block by block, and we stand in their majestic shadows.

    Continue to be that wonderful mom, wife, and present human being. You’re doing fantastic 🙂

    Love and light,

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