So, the post below this a true mark of me. What do I mean? Well, I spent a great deal of time pouring out my guts about accepting myself, learning to love me again and telling my ego to back off. I wrote, edited, mulled over, meditated and finally hit “publish.”  And it did. But only the title and the image. 

Once again, my character defects come to light. When am I going to stop being afraid of not knowing and start to fucking ask questions. One of theses days I am going to stop bumbling along thinking  I have the world by its ass because as soon as I do, I hit publish and it becomes very real, very public that indeed, I don’t.

So, (humbly), in a short version, how do I add an image and text?

Thank you.


2 thoughts on “

  1. Took me over 6 weeks to get around to sussing out how to add an image/vid…. and, to my shame, it took me just as long to work out how to save and re-open a draft!!

    Obviously, I did everything but ask ;o) ….. That’d be WAY too sensible!

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