I love Christmas in March

Today I am utterly exhausted – spiritually, mentally, physically. But being tied has never felt so damn good. I went to a women’s only recovery weekend. Only being  a few days shy of five months sober, I have not experienced this type of retreat. A few weeks back I was approached by a reserved, well-spoken woman who asked if I had heard of the retreat. I hadn’t, so she filled me in, I signed up, and I showed up. Luggage in hand, I walked into the reception area shaking because I took a quick scan of the room and knew absolutely no one. Shit. I made a mistake. I ought to make up some lame excuse and say I am looking for the casino (Never mind the closest one is probably two hours away and I don’t gamble). Something. Anything. Too late. Smiles, laughter, hugs were greeting me from all directions. It was like sorority bid night minus the makeup, alcohol and hot coeds.

I met my roommate, unpacked my bag and headed back to the action. LIttle did I know I was in for the weekend of my life. From the opening speaker to the closing remarks, my heart was lifted higher than ever. Sober. I laughed from my depths I didn’t know were there. I cried deep, heaving sobs and no one blinked an eye. In fact, I was given permission to get it all out and heal my inner self. I listened, nodding my head like a bobble head as every story had an impact, a message, a connection. We sang, danced with scarves, learned to meditate, and listened to some gut wrenching stories of love, forgiveness and success. Never in my life have I had so little yet so much in common with a room full of women. 

I learned so much about me, alcoholism, recovery, living, and friendship. The wisdom the women shared was nothing short of miraculous. Their gift of gab touched me. I was welcomed into their clutches immediately and they let me know I am always welcome to call, visit, share meetings, time and dinner ANYTIME. The unconditional love, support, and generosity goes beyond my wildest dreams. To think, a woman with 31 years told me I taught her something this weekend! 

Christmas is always a beautiful time of year. But when it comes in March, nothing is sweeter.


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