What do propane and sobriety have in common?

No. This is not a joke with some ridiculous punchline about being blown. Although…

In all seriousness, I am grateful to be sober. Last night, I returned home with my little guys after baseball practice. My husband was out of town and my teenager was upstairs in her room. As soon as I opened the door to the house, I was blasted with the smell of propane. 
I am new to a lot of things in life; this scenario being yet another one. I had no idea if I turned the light on, I could ignite the house. Thankfully, that didn’t happen. Thankfully, my teenager didn’t have that experience either.

I opened the patio door and let fresh air come billowing into the kitchen, called my husband who told me not to turn the lights on (too late), and to call the emergency number for our propane provider. I did and the guy came out and said he didn’t smell anything. I laughed and said, “Okay, well, I need for you to test because I have an honest nose.” Sure enough he tested by the oven and his machine was beeping faster than a couple of bunnies jumping on hot coals (odd visual and kind of sick, too).

The regulator on my store was broken and the safety seal had popped. he disconnected the propane, told me to get the oven fixed by a professional and to keep my nose honest.

Keep my nose honest. Now THAT is statement to love and to remember. Because if I hadn’t “kept my nose honest” so to speak, last night would have had a very different, very possibly tragic ending. No one else smelled the propane. My boys were minutes away from bedtime, my daughter upstairs doing homework on her bed. If I had been drinking, I would have been in the garage- immune to the propane and had drunk until I passed out a few hours later.

I would not have the blessings I have today. So, in AA we say not yet if we keep drinking. Last night I was given a huge reminder of why I cannot drink. I have to be the sober presence when I am the only adult in the house. That is MY job. I am teary eyed today because I chose not to drink and in doing so, I averted a disaster.

Propane and sobriety would have never been a match to me prior to last night.


2 thoughts on “What do propane and sobriety have in common?

  1. WOW~ first so glad all was ok. 2nd~ WOW just WOW. So true that being present and aware is the only way for us to be. Keep your nose honest, I will remember this now!

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